Right tune Wrong words


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex

Last Friday, the entertainer was at Mum's home, she loves music and dancing still and sings along to all the words.

However, her speech is disappearing rapidly at the moment ,so the staff wondered how she would manage.

Cue music , Mum was on her feet dancing happily with a carer and singing away in perfect tune as usual, not the lyrics, but a random selection of words like; carpet, window, curtain and tiles.

She had a lovely time and was completely unaware of what she was singing, they said it was an afternoon they will remember for a long time.

So will I, bless her heart.



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Mar 13, 2004
Kathleen your story made me smile. Had visions of a very happy mum singing "carpet".

Lovely! Long may she feel such happiness.

Name that tune!


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Nov 12, 2005
Thats nice. My mum enjoys signing too. Sometimes eventhough she hardly speaks in her frail state she comes out with a song from nowhere. It starts the whole nursing home signing. Its good that she can enjoy the tune xx


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Mar 16, 2005
That's great, Kathleen (and Seren), glad your Mum enjoyed herself - that's the most important thing, isn't it? Dad loves a dance and a sing-a-long too, when he's in the right mood.

Best wishes,


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Oct 20, 2004

That's lovely, so nice your Mum had a lovely time.

Interestingly, my Mum has also taken to singing a lot, in spite of having a dreadful singing voice. We've all had a laugh at her terrible singing over the years as Dad comes from a very musical family.

We're both amazed at how contented music/singing seems to make her when previously she's never had any real interest before. Sadly, the singing voice hasn't improved and she often drowns out the radio/cd.....but hey, she thinks she's great and that's all that counts:)


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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
My mom's home has frequent sing-a-long sessions. Saturdays it seems to be 50s tunes. Sundays are old-time hymns. I was there a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday and it was patriotic songs (America the Beautiful, etc.) Some of the residents snooze through this, but a good number sing, and some still have much better voices than mine. :p