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Mar 21, 2013
My Uncle has had respite 3 times since 2012 and it has resulted in 3 complaints each and every time...

It is clear from your response that basic and fundamental care is non existent at **** ******.

Every issue I raised in my initial email you have accepted as a failing on the part of **** ******. and its staff - who you have blamed for everything.

It is also abundantly clear that you have no idea what happened regarding my Uncles medication.

As far as future respite at **** ******. I am not "unsure" - I am definite - my Uncle will never return there.

I am considering a formal complaint and if this happens you will hear from the relevant parties in due course.

Please do not contact me again.

Why is it impossible to take a break and have some level of "belief" that all will be fine?


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Jun 15, 2014
Evening Burndjp,
I can only go by my experience. 8 months ago I hit my first crisis with my dad (mixed dementia). I needed a break, no relations to rely on. In sheer panic I ran around some nursing and residential homes looking for respite and then, out of the blue a family friend said literally, 'your dad needs a companion, phone this number'. I did, it was a care agency and my dad now had a companion while I'm at work who moves in when I go away.
Maybe you could look at home care as an option?
Take care.