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Feb 17, 2019
Just received Bill for husbands week respite stay- over £1000. Wouldnt care but halfway through the week he simply walked out of the Home and came home for "coffee with my wife". Home had no idea till I phoned them. They then put security in place- bit late but at least others won't have the stress I had. Adult Social care assessed us and awarded 4 weeks respite with the lower contributions of £562 a week. This triggered a financial assessment and lo and behold because of my husbands pension, we're now awarded zilch and have to self fund. So beware even though one branch says yes you are entitled, another may decide otherwise. We have very little savings, way below the threshold but his pension is the straw that decided to as break this particular camels back. If anyone else from the Council says "we really value our carers", I swear I won't be responsible for my actions!


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Apr 13, 2018
Oh @Gladys1946, what a pain. I'd think I'd be tempted to query the bill, if they said one thing first it seems a cheek to change their minds, presumably after you'd agreed and budgeted for the lower cost. The fact that the home couldn't keep your husband safe seems an extra reason for a reduced bill.
I'm sure others will belong shortly with more useful advice, but in the meantime I hope things are OK now your husband is home.