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Apr 1, 2017

Do care homes offer one night stays for respite?

In our area it is usually a minimum of one week but much depends on whether they have a vacant room. They may argue they need such time to get to know the person. One of our homes has a room set aside so its worth asking.


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Reds
from what's been written on the forums, it sounds unlikely you'd be able to arrange this

maybe consider actually taking a week's respite so you get the day you want and the chance of time to rest up on the other days too

or contact local care companies to ask about overnight/24 hour care ... though I suspect that would be tricky too


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Jun 12, 2018
Hi there, I use a care home that will do anything from day care, one day overnight respite through to full time residential. I actually found two homes that would do that, although finding homes that would even take my Dad (he's 60) was hard enough.