Respite worries


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Honey, you seem to be in an impossible situation. It seems that there is no provision for early-onset dementia sufferers anywhere. Chip has been having similar problems here in Scotland.

Have you contacted the local branch of the Alzheimer's Society? They will know if there is an Alzheimer's day centre in your area. If you can get your Dad into one, what would be your best bet, as the staff will work with the patients to stimulate them. I'm so grateful that John has his place there.

Failing that, you can visit any day centres in your area (without warning), and see what activities they have, and the relative ages of the patients.

Do you have a branch of Crossroads in your area? If so, SS can arrange for your Mum to have some time to herself while omeone comes in to care for your Dad. The Crosroads carer can either stay in while your Mum goes out, or can take your Dad out while your Mum has a rest.

Another suggestion is Princess Royal Trust for Carers. They would be able contact SS for you to find the best possible support for your Mum.

We really do need a campaign to ort out provision for early-onset patients.

Let us know how you get on. All the best.


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Jul 19, 2005
Yes i know the problem. Has taken me two years to get respite (even though he has not been right for 5years) But i am getting it next week and my husband is going to a lovely place which only does respite and i have been told he can go anytime even just overnight or a weekend if needed. It is a house as well that has been addapted and a family atmosphere. They are also hoping to take people from England for a 'holiday'. They are going to try and help me they are very aware what the situation is like for younger people they take up to 65year olds. Its an idea for someone in England to start up. Its what is needed.
On another note though everyone is complaining about SW here today i got a phone call saying my husband has to sign i told SW that he cant write and i have the POA but got told he HAS to sign. When will they listen? Anyway i have one letter written to them.


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Dec 30, 2006

Thank you so much for the information I will act on it. I am in contact with the local branch of the alzheimers association but if Im honest they have not really helped. They do have weekly meetings and I did manage to get Chris to one meeting, Im not sure what I was expecting but maybe my expectations were too high. I thought that there would br someone who could look after Chris, talk to him, give him things to do but this was not quite the case. In their defence they have offered to come with me to visit respite care places. Mind you at the moment I still cant find carers who can cope with Chris when he becomes phobic and confused, the SW is looking into day centres but Im not holding my breath for any miracles there. I do totally agree that something should be done to specifically help those young peolpe with dementia. Im sure that its going to be us the carers who actually could organise something as we really are the ones that know what provision we need. Its a shame we are all so widely geographically spread. Colin Cosgrove at the Alzheimers association has been supportive over problems Ive had in fact he was the one that advised me to use the TP. (In fact, being the IT dinnasaur I am I had so much trouble trying to use the TP that I had to get my daughter to sort me out,(It was my daughter who posted the first message on my behalf.) hence the confusion as to whether Chris is my father or husband. (Chris is in fact my husband of 35 years.) Many thanks for listening. Honey.