respite/short stay care


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Nov 28, 2004
I feel rather sheepish just dropping in with a query like this ..but I do keep abreast of things here, and do think about everyone, caring day in and day out.
Mum is declining slowly, but needs more and more support. We have been advised that we should be thinking of regisitering her EPA at this stage, so have been reading the theads concerning that with interest! And confusion! Still don't know when the right time is to do this, but Mum takes no part in her finances anymore, leaving it all to us.

We have decided to take a short holiday early next year, and it is all arranged. For peace of mind,we want to arrange for Mum to go into some sort of care, and having spoken to the SW and others about this, it is simply a matter of finding a place that we can pre-book, somewhere with a supportive atmosphere and plenty of activities going on. I thought it all sounded straightforward -just a matter of choosing which home.

Several places were mentioned. Only one was pre-bookable, the others didn't offer respite. Went to visit the one ...oh dear. Then I approached 2 places who have large healthcare companies running them ..they sounded so good, and even on paper, I thought that either would be ideal. But no, one doesn't do respite, the other doesn't take people from our County (it is situated in our County!), and ALL have said that it is going to be very difficult to find such a place for my Mum! I can't believe that it was all made to sound so good, when there is actually no such place out there!

I was wondering what others experience of finding such care is? In the meantime, looks like Mum will be staying at home. I do ask myself if a holiday is worth it.

Thanks for reading. lulu


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Jun 27, 2006
Would it be possible to find someone to come into the home ans stay with your mother? Alternatively, I know my Mother's place in warwickshire offers post-hospital care so if you want you could PM me and I'll let you have their address - they have other homes that might offer it.



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Apr 30, 2006
Hi Lulu
i had the same problem when looking for a place for mum......2 of which i really liked but i couldn't pre was a case of ringing up the week before to see if they had a vacancy....which is no good if you want to book a holiday. in the end social services arranged it for me......I suppose we're lucky in sheffield because we have a couple of centres used solely for can then book up as early as possible.
Perhaps you could go back to the SW and see if they can arrange something for you? They told me to arrange it myself originally but when i told them that i couldn't find a place that would pre book they did it for me

dave b

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Nov 21, 2006
hi lulu, dont know if this will be of any help to you,but i have been through this problem last year,tried to get mom in somewhere while i went on holliday,no chance of respite care all homes full!
so i looked on the net & found a co in suffolk that provide live in 24hr care at home
maybe i was lucky but i couldnot fault what they provided!
mom was happy in her own surroundings i got peace of mind & amuch needed rest! price wise i suppose it is the equivilant of a nursing home
so it might be worth giving it some thought