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Respite Care for the first time.


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May 16, 2012
Hi..am new to the site, but thought I would join to chat and share problems as I am the main carer looking after my mum.
Mum has mixed dementia and I would say its in the low to medium stage at the moment.
What I would like advice on is my wonderful husband and I would like to go on holiday this year on our own, the last five we have taken mum,but it's very hard work as she has to share the same room as us as she will not be left on her own, she also needs a wheelchair to get about.
Mum has always been a private person in the fact that she doesn't mix well with other people, and I know that the thought of a care home for a week will set her back months, but a care home it will have to be.
Also, the only person she wants is me, I can't go out without taking her with me, even if it's to the shops. I am becoming prisoner in my own home.
So what I am asking is how do I tackle this problem. Can anyone help ..PLEASE

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