Respite Care - Excellent!


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May 12, 2007
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share some good news. My dad who has had AZ for about 6 years now went to the doctors with my mum a few weeks ago and the doctor obviously saw the need for my mum and dad for some respite care. Well, my dad has just come back from a week of respite in a lovely, clean and friendly care home and I can't praise it enough. It is just what my 'mum' and my dad needed. My dad was able to rest more in the home, as he usually goes out when at home in the mornings still and it was beginning to be a strain, with some falls in recent weeks. My mum who lives with constant worry about another fall, accident, etc, was able to rest and relax knowing he was in safe hands. I went to visit him twice giving my mum a well needed break and he understood that when I explained it (although I had to explain both times I visited!). He has a place once every 6 weeks for a week and I think its wonderful for my mum and dad enjoys it too. Just wanted to share some good news. I know AZ can be a very hard and cruel disease and admire everyone for sharing their experiences on here as I know it has helped me to understand more and be their for both my mum (the carer) and my dad who I feel both need equal help in their own way.
Snooky xx


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Thank you Snooky. We hear so many horror stories about how badly some people can react to nursing homes, it's really good for us to read about the positive side.

I'm glad your mum is able to get this regular respite.