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Mar 31, 2008
My mother asks to see a doctor for high blood pressure pills up to 20 times a day on the phone to me.

Does anyone have a similar experience or advice as to how I handle it? I have tried to reason with her that she doesn't have high BP but she says the veins on the back of her hands are standing up.

She is regularly checked for high BP and it is not a problem. She phones the GP/emergency doctor herself, but they are told to refer her to me again. I was advised not to oppose her (she has always been a very strongly opinionated person) but neither agreeing or disagreeing stops the phone calls!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello franjen.

Couldn`t you persuade the doctor to give your mother a placebo. If all she wants are tablets, it might do the trick.

Worth a try, surely.

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Love the placebo idea .... but I wonder about YOUR blood pressure, Franjen? Taking 20 repetitive phone calls a day can't be doing much for your health? ..... and if your mother is anything like mine - as soon as one obsession is 'sorted' we move on to the next ...... :rolleyes:

I know there have been discussions on here previously about avoiding or preventing the repetitive phone calls ..... but a fine line to walk when you never know which one may actually be important?

How is your mother's health? Mentally and physically? Could the veins be something she can see and articulate when it's actually something else is troubling her? Does she even just need some TLC from her GP ..... and be made to feel that someone is taking notice of her?

Sorry, lots of questions ........ just trying to understand a little better,

Karen (TF)

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
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Hi Franjen, the placebo is worth trying I would think. Can't do any harm.

The doctor should be able to prescribe something that will do the trick.

We sometimes have to be a bit devious.



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Mar 31, 2008
Thank you for all your comments - a great source of support and to know there are so many other people involved as carers in this horrid illness.

We have tried placebos and she is now suspicious of anything we give her! The GP has seen her(and prescribed tablets) many times but either the pills aren't right for her or the Doctor wasn't a proper one! Alongside this is the fact that she has become paranoid about the medication we are giving her. I have 3sisters (a very happy position to be in as a carer) and she plays one of us off against the other in taking pills in. She hides the painkillers we take and we have to keep in very close contact so we know who has taken what to her.

Some days are better than others. Interesting to hear this obsession will move to focussing on something else. I hope the next one is 'suppliable'.


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Mar 23, 2008
North east
You can buy blood pressure testers in the chemists but maybe that would make her worse.
My mother has a toilet obsession which is so bad that she can actually be asking to go to the toilet when she is sitting on the toilet.Some days are worse than other but on a bad day that is all she will say. We have been told to try and distract her by asking her family questions.


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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Dear Franjen
I would be very careful about using blood pressure testers, Would they pose any risk to mum if she didn't use it properly? I would check this with your pharmacist. I suppose the one thing this disease teaches us is how to be ingenious and resourceful! I think anything you do for mum medication wise would always be up for question! You are very lucky to have extra help with mum, your sisters sound great!
take care


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Feb 17, 2006
Does anyone have a similar experience or advice as to how I handle it?

My mother asks to see a doctor for high blood pressure pills up to 20 times a day on the phone to me.

with my mother it was because of an underlaying fear she had , that she was going to have a heart attract , even after doctor check her out sent her for tests for her heart all was OK

could your mother be worry about something ? , could you find out what is her worry. I may be wrong but she may need some reassuring about something try prompt it out of her , you may end up having to repeat the reassuring , but it may help her , after a while it stop .
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