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Renting out MIL's home to contribute to ch fees without PoA


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Aug 31, 2013
My parents in law lived an hour away from us. When my father in law became ill, we tried to encourage them to move nearer to us, researched options etc., but they did not move. As my father-in-law's health deteriorated, we offered to help set up Power of Attorney for my mother-in-law, diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but this did not happen. My father-in-law died last month revealing that (lovingly and bravely(he had cancer)) he had covered up the extent of my mother-in-law's illness. My husband is an only child and there is no other family. My MIL has moved to a supported living apartment 7 minutes walk from our house. We visit every day. Obviously, with the bereavement, move and Alzheimer's, her world has been turned upside down and she is unhappy and cross (although it is early days in terms of seeing if she will settle into her new home). Her pensions nearly cover the rent & fees. She has savings that we can use to make up the shortfall (my husband has third party mandate from her bank). We would like to rent out her house to add to her income. It is unlikely that she would agree to this in the near future as she wants to go back there (on doctor's advice, she should not live on her own). She will need to agree, as there is no PoA. Any ideas? Anyone been down the Court of Protection route? Thank you!


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Jan 8, 2012
Oh gosh, that's a tricky one; can't help with the legalities of this but do you think that given time, she may settle and then as a separate enterprise, agree to POA? I mean if when she is a bit happier it was explained to her that if you do not have POA you could never help her if she becomes ill and 'the state' will take over etc and it's a protection for her future, do you think she would agree? If so, that would probably be the quickest and easiest route but am sure others will have lots of good advice.