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Remembering the mum I had and loving the one I have now


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Oct 26, 2013
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annette stapleton

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Dear mum
although mothers day has long since passed and you cant remember our conversations i want to tell you what you taught me.
I am a mother now and for a month me my partner and our toddler been been ill in a kind of unpleasant relay race
I have been juggling work and tending the sick
Then i remember you did this with five

and my dad to whom the term co parent was as much an anathema as salad or sobriety
So whilst i struggle with keeping up with the hoovering and you struggle with recalling if my daughter is a boy or a girl i want to say thank you for showing me how to be a parent
• i don't mean anything fancy certainly no money but always a kiss goodbye and goodnight always pride in my achievements and always pleased to see me
• What i have learned is how hard The simple things are to do well especially unconditional love. you never forgot a birthday there was a card waiting for me at my university shared house much to my then embarrassment
• Now i buy my own birthday cards for you to give me. I do your remembering for you.
• It doesn't matter if you think my daughter is a boy or girl you light up when you see her and you have always been utterly reliable in the pleasure you take in her.
• You have taught me that love is a marathon not a sprint and love is snot and tears as well as laughter and rest
• Thank you for showing me how to be a mum
• Your loving daughter

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annette stapleton
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