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Reliable directory of residential care facilities?


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Jan 28, 2022
Hello everyone,

Is there such a thing? A google search for facilities in my area returns some useful examples. But is there an independent listing or directory of care homes?

We are looking for homes that could offer someone with a high level of capacity and independence some support but move them to a higher level of support when the time comes.


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Sep 9, 2018
Mid Lincs
I got one for my area from my LA. They didn't tell me about when I asked they just said 'we can't recommend', which isn't what I wanted anyway. I learnt from a 3rd party about it.
I don't know if all LA do one.


Volunteer Host
Apr 13, 2018
Hi @Mwalimu, the site @nitram linked to is a useful starting point. We recently moved my mother to a different care home and my mother in law into a care home from her own home. My husband and I went to look at various homes with them both in mind, having used that site to make a short list. I was obvious that somewhere that would suit my mother wouldn't my MiL and vice versa. It was no reflection on how good the home was, just what we knew each of them would feel comfortable with. For instance the home we liked the best would have been great for MiL as it was small, in an old building and had a lovely garden. It would have been no good for my mother as she always preferred new places, hated gardens and the layout, with an unsecured set of stairs, would have meant she would have been at risk of falling down them as she is a wanderer. In the end MiL ended up in a similar home that was nearer several of her other children.
I'd look at a few before deciding. The home mum was originally in, I chose because it felt right.

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