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Relative bombarded with phone calls


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Apr 13, 2015
I have just registered for this site and I am looking for advice.

My relative is constantly bombarded with sales calls and its really worrying me, due to her vulnerability. She is on a call preference service. What else can I do? I have thought about changing her telephone number and making it ex-directory, and only giving it out to only friends and family.

I am currently in the process of applying to be appointed a deputy through court order of protection.

Would this help? Is it a bad idea?

I would really appreciate some feedback from other carers and relatives faced with the same situation.



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May 21, 2014
Get a system that filters out sales calls. Our phone can be programmed only to ring when a particular phone number calls from a friend or family. Any number that has not been programmed in will simply not ring - the phone stays silent. It works an absolute treat for us. Of course you need to make sure the phone has the caller display feature.
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Aug 29, 2007
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One thing that is sometimes recommended is to scratch off the security numbers on the back of credit cards, so that at least the person cannot be persuaded into shelling out for stuff they don't need or even want, over the phone.

I would think becoming a deputy is a very good idea. People with dementia are so vulnerable to all sorts of scammers and shysters. The phone system someone else has suggested is also often highly recommended.


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Apr 24, 2013
I got a BT 6500 when calls from India became daily and when a distant relative of my husband was scamming him for funds. This phone can easily be set up to block specific numbers, international calls, number withheld calls etc. you also need to register your landline number with BT to make it work. I am also ex directory.

The tip to note the security number from the back of your credit card then scratch it out is a great idea and anyone caring for a person with dementia who still carries a card should consider this.


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Jun 28, 2011
See also previous threads such as:

can't say no to cold callers

Some posters (including me) like the trueCall Care device; not cheap, but gives you a good set of options for controlling what calls can come in (and go out). Probably best if you can install it where the user isn't aware of it - you don't want anyone unplugging it, for example.

A programmable phone that offers similar functionality may work fine, but if that means changing the phone (to a more complicated one) that can itself cause difficulties. Using a plug-in-out-of-sight device means you can keep the same phone.
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Apr 13, 2015
Thank you

Many thanks for all your comments, they are so much appreciated. This forum is going to be very good for sharing thoughts, concerns and advice.

My relative concerned is my Dad's cousin, whom I have always called "Aunty" and I cannot stand the thought of her being ripped off, scammed or agreeing to something that she doesn't need or want. She had a scam bank call very recently (I was present fortunately)

She has though started to agree to other things, which she then has no recollection of if the caller rings again!

I must take action now to protect her the best way I can!

I have looked into call blocker devises based on your comments, with the help of my husband. I am going to get a devise that can be used alongside the existing system. This will be easier from my relatives point of view. She has had her current system a number of years which she is totally familiar with. I just hope it won't get detached!
The plug for the fridge has been detached a few times!

Good idea about the credit/debit cards!

She may be going into respite care next week, due to an incident that happened earlier in the week. That is if she can be persuaded!

Alzheimers is so cruel and heart breaking! :(