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Oct 21, 2004
Hi all,

well I've been in and out of here, browsing and reading things that caught my attention...

My mother is still in hospital, after her successful hip operation, well I mean she got through it ok, but unfortunately is not responding to the rehab. very well - can't go into details, as living far away, just have brief tel. calls from family (or rather TO family). they're all in the thick of it, and having to deal with the harsh reality that my mother will not be going back to her own home because of such a long postponement of rehab. One funny incident was when my b-in-law went to see her and he asked her if she'd made any lady friends and my mother looked at these 2 old souls and said, well yes .......that one is M.....(me) and the other one is L......(my sister) really a laugh, I just wonder what I look like???? mayb e give me some insight into my future!

and another time one of my sister's went to visit, when this old lady (a bit dotty, pardon me and all interuppted my sister's conversation with ma and said, I've just come for my daughter, we're going now... hysterically funny when I think of it, can just imagine a befuddled look on my mother's face, well she's more lucid than most from the recognition point of view, as has vascular dementia...... so there's always a bit of comedy within the trajedy, eh?!

However now it's been decided by doctors she'll be going to a nursing home of my family's choice, there's one she may go to, just up the road from her forner house, our lovely family home, sob, and actually, I used to work there when I was in my 20's , funny isn't it?? I do feel, however, that she wasn't particulary happy in her own home, in that she lost all interest, little by little, in everything she once loved, art poetry sayings even a little go at the piano, and not even the birds' singing, which she loved so much before would bring her happiness, everything became so what, what do I care, strangely however she reacted terribly well to her brother's dog........and jumped with glee on seeing it.

maybe they'll get more stimulation, for sb. who went to Madrid in her 70's and learned Spanish so as to be able to communicate with her son-in-law .....and could speak French well too - it's all too sad to see her mental faculties limited to Yesss and Nope., before she'd search for the right word when she couldn't make herself understood, and you know that's happening to me now, it makes me think I'll have to keep at those crosswords, and read more too, just in case, I'm hoping she'll maybe start the rehab. but they're not forcing her, and it's doubtful to say the least, would welcome any opinions from any1 interested......mother is 90 and has a wonderful youthful skin and sea blue eyes and I don't know when I'll be able to get over to visit again, and I won't be able to stay in the family house as it's quite quickly being emptied out.............. bye for now and love reading all your stories, by the way - mailife49

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