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Registered LPA - who needs to be informed?


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May 21, 2014
The registered LPAs finally came through which is a relief and I am now thinking about getting some certified copies.
Do I actually need to get any of the Health & Welfare one - I mean who needs to see it?

As for the Financial Affairs one, I can think of his bank, his private pension providers, the DWP, his mobile phone provider and the broadband provider as it's in his name. Other than that I can't really think of anyone - am I missing someone important?

I don't really want to have to get too many certified copies as I am sure I can notify people peu a peu and use the same copy over and over again?

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
How are you going about getting the certified copies? If the person is able to self certify then fine but please don't go and pay for lots that wont be needed.

Keep the original safe and do not post it off to anyone. I have cut a little of the top corners off all the pages so when I hand it over for copying I can be fairly certain I am getting the original back.

For the bank accounts just pop in or ring first to make an appointment. Most now have a dedicated POA department. They will copy the original, fill in some forms and sort it all out. Lloyds did it all there and then. Had immediate internet access and a cheque book 4 days later. Santander took 5 days to sort it all out.

For DWP give them a ring and someone will probably come and see you. I have had a letter back stating that I am accepted to act for my Mother for all pensions and benefits.

With the phone and broadband you could leave them as they are if they are all paid by direct debit at the bank. If they are due to run out soon you could just let them and get new contracts that may better suit you.

Same with any private pension. If it is paid into the bank you could just leave it be if nothing else needs doing.

As already said the GP will make a copy at the surgery.

CH will also make a copy

I have recently got both LPA's for my Mom and have not needed one certified copy......Yet!:)


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Apr 20, 2009
The only other place I have sent a copy to is the tax office - they will now deal directly with me for OH's tax returns etc.


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Feb 24, 2014
I wouldn't make copies but if you send originals make sure it's recorded post but try and do it through the branch. Must admit hadn't thought of HMRC so thanks for the reminder!

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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
HMRC had to have a certified copy, so did all the financial institutions, but you don't have to do them all at once. You can ask for certified copies to be sent back and then you can re-use the returned certified copies for next one on the list.

Gas, electric, phone people also wanted them before they would talk to me about changing utility direct debits etc. for mum's house, but strangely the water company was quite happy to talk to me without even seeing the POA.

DWP will accept a copy certified by your local Jobcentre also and there's no charge for that.


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May 21, 2014
Thanks, him certifiying the copies is out of the question as you have to write a novel on each page then date and sign and that would be way too much for him, I also would have to shell out money to copy the pages so I can just as well go to a solicitor and let him deal with it - they aren't that expensive and I don't plan on getting too many as I am well aware that I can do things in stages or let some institutions copy themselves. I am more interested in not forgetting anyone.

I must admit I did not think of the GP (Health and welfare only I presume?) and might raise it with him but have so far not had any troubles making appointments for him and going in with him to say what it's about, or get blood test results over the phone. They know I am his carer.

HRMC - he has no tax returns so not sure I need to.

To be honest, so far everything has worked fine without the LPA, thanks largely to the internet! Most utility bills are in both our names and go from my account, and the broadband provider has allowed me to speak to them on production of an agreed password.

So I am not even sure I need to do much right now...


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Jan 16, 2014
Just a quick tip when allowing organisations to photocopy LPA's, check the number of pages you give them and recount the number you get back. The Bank managed to leave an original page on the photocopier and I didn't check the copy when they gave it back to me. Fortunately they kept it safe until I realised and all was happily resolved, but it taught me a valuable lesson.


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Jun 28, 2011
Do I actually need to get any of the Health & Welfare one - I mean who needs to see it?
Oh .. I think I misunderstood your question. I thought you were wondering about getting a Health and Welfare LPA, but you meant getting a registered copy.

In that case, my view would be yes, have a registered copy, because you may need to show it and you don't want to take any chances with the original. In fact it occurs to me that situations where you might want to produce the LPA may well be time-critical -- so no time to go replacing documents that get misplaced.

My original response below:

You need a Health and Welfare LPA if you want legal authority to make health-and-welfare decisions in the donor's best interests. Otherwise, once the person loses capacity, that power defaults to people like social workers, doctors and so on, and if you don't agree with them, too bad.

Who needs to see a Health and Welfare LPA? Anyone you might be dealing with on those matters - such as doctors who won't discuss a patient's health otherwise, or care homes who won't let you see their records otherwise.

Here's a couple of discussions from last month:

POA for health and welfare

PoA Health and Welfare, Life Sustaining Treatment

There are many more; try Advanced Search for Keyword(s): welfare, with 'Search Titles Only', and you'll easily find them.
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Jul 17, 2013
It might be worth checking whether they want a copy of the original or a certified copy. Thankfully mum's private pension provider was happy with a photocopy of the LPA document.

Solicitor wanted to charge us £5 a side to certify the LPAs which would have come to £115 .


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Please do not send the original LPA anywhere. it could be lost in the post , some firms have been know to shred them automatically.
It is fine to take the original into , say a bank, where they will take a copy and hand the original straight back to you.

I Would keep the originals in a locked fireproof box.
I suggest getting a couple getting a copies of the finance and property one and one of the health and welfare.

I think it is important to have at least one certified copy, as I have heard (don't know how true it is) that if the original goes missing, a new original LPA can be created using a certified copy by the OPG, others here may know for sure.

Oh and if firms don't return the certified copy, put in a complaint and a claim for the cost of having another certified copy done.
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Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
as I have heard (don't know how true it is) that if the original goes missing, a new original LPA can be created using a certified copy by I think the COP, others here may know for sure.
A new original can be created by the OPG with a certified copy.

With just a photocopy (not certified) it needs a court order.:)


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Oct 13, 2013
North Somerset
If you are getting certified copies from a solicitor, please make sure that every page is stamped with the necessary wording, signed by the solicitor with name, not just initials, and their profession stated. Have just had mine returned by HMRC because she had missed 2 pages and not put 'solicitor' after her name. Have had it corrected and sent off again. Am hoping they don't return it again asking for her qualifications, thus making my husband's tax return overdue and fining him for late submission (this has been going on since early June). I wouldn't mind if I was claiming a rebate but know it will end up with a payment to be made as it usually is!

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