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Refusing to take drugs.

Concerned J

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Jun 15, 2014
Mum was on Aricept tablets which she hated because of side effects so after going back to Memory Clinic was prescribed patches.
She has been getting on with them well. (sometimes forgets whereabouts on her body she put the last one). Now she is reaching the end of the month's supply she was prescribed.
Mum has told me she doesn't want to take anything anymore as she fed up with everything.
I've tried to explained that they will help her memory .
My question is: Will the Alzheimers progress more rapidly if she doesn't use drugs. I realise that her memory may well deteriorate faster but is Alzheimers more than just memory loss ie will she deteriorate in a physical way by not taking anything?
I feel I'm between a rock and a hard place. Mum won't be happy either way. I just want what is easiest / best for her.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Oh concerned, what a dilemma.
Its a hard question to answer

"is Alzheimers more than just memory loss....?"
That is relatively easy to answer. Yes Alzheimers is indeed more than memory loss. It affects reason and logic, empathy, language, mobility, continence and finally swallowing.

But thats not really what you are asking is it? I guess that what you want to know is how much it will affect her by not taking the meds, and that is far, far harder to answer. Aricept affects everyone differently. Some people get a lot of benefit from it, but others it makes no difference at all.

Do you have a phone number to contact someone at the memory clinic? I got given one in case of any problems and I think you could do with talking to the doctors about this.

Concerned J

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Jun 15, 2014
Mum has just phoned me to say she is sorry she was being so silly yesterday. She has been to Dr surgery and got another prescription.
I spoke to the Nurse practitioner at the memory clinic and we think Mum ought to be prescribed a mild anti-depressant but one step at a time for the moment.

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