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Refusing help and formal diagnosis - advice anyone?


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Apr 2, 2015
Both of my parents, who are in their eighties, have dementia (albeit of differing types). We've had good support from their GP and we pay for daily care support to enable them to stay together in their own home, where they feel safe.

However my father is, and always has been, a very proud and difficult man - I can not get him to agree to see anyone from the memory clinic and he has been rude and belligerent to anyone who has called, telling them to leave. He feels that the memory tests show him as being 'stupid', when for the majority of his life he has been the one in charge and an organiser for others. Mum is depressed and withdrawn and spends most of her time in bed to escape from Dads mood swings and difficult behaviour.
How on earth can I access further support and advice for them both in their vulnerable condition, when they are refusing to accept help? They just see it as intrusive.