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reflections and mirrors


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Jun 8, 2005
My husband was diagnosed when he was 51 - he is now 57 and is progressing rapidly - the big problem i am having now is his reflection - i have painted all the mirrors in the house that i cannot take down - i have curtains on all windows that i can and have put window wax on all other windows - but there are still reflections around - spoons, tools, car windows - reflections are everywhere and they agtate him - sometimes he views his reflection as a friend who is greeting him but sometimes it is very adversarial and becomes violent as he and his reflection escalate their gesturing and posturing. has anyone else experienced this phenomenon and if so is there a good way to deal with the problem? we can no longer go to restaurants, movies or even travel because he cannot go into a public restroom where there are mirrors. i have taken him in the womens room with me in a pinch before out of desperation. thanks for anyones insite into this matter.