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Reduction on the LPA form


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Mar 28, 2015
Hello can anyone help please? I am currently filling out the LPA form with my dad and the cost of the fee is very expensive. I have read the fees and reduction section and it mentions that my parents will have to send a letter to them from the department of work and pensions stating that they receive their benefit ( pensions) from the Department of work and pensions. According to the LPA website this letter must be recent however neither of my parents have a recent letter from the DWP this year. Can anyone offer advice do you think the DWP will send my parents a letter of proof that they receive a pension if they request one?


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Miss shiraz

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Dec 24, 2014
I think they get an annual letter advising the new payment. Sent in march i think as new rate effective from april. As suggested call and ask if you can't find it. The DWP may need to speak to mum/dad first as you don't have PoA.
Good luck with forms i remember filling them in 12 months ago..all the guidelines make it seem more complex than it actually is! :rolleyes: