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Reducing council tax bill


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Jun 15, 2015
Came across something recently about being able to apply to LA for reduced council tax bill if have room used solely by a disabled person. If successful, pay tax one band lower than normal. My mother lives with us and since she hasn't been able to go upstairs we have had to build a downstairs bathroom for her and she lives in another downstairs room (our living room). I filled in the very simple form (1 side of A4) 2 weeks ago, had one phone call to check something, and today heard that we qualify for the reduction backdated to the start of this tax year. A useful saving as I had to give up work when my mother moved in. So if you're in this position - and I know many are - do check with your council. :)


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Mar 26, 2014
I didn't know that you could get a reduction in council tax , as I thought because I live with my mum and work full time I had to pay the full amount . Our social worker just told me this year so I completed the form and the GP added that she had been diagnosed with dementia in 2003 so the council backdated it and we have just received a few thousand pounds back in arrears . So it is certainly worth applying for and ensure the GP adds date if diagnosis .