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Recycling muddle


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Mar 22, 2020
Any suggestions please? It feels a petty problem but causes so much agro. I have always been very supportive to do all I can to recycle etc Now for about a year we have had huge upsets over what goes in each dustbin. I have made clear labels, tried pointing out that the recycling is something that causes him stress so therefore leave it to me and concentrate on some he enjoys doing, and mostly just creeping out and putting the wrongly placed things in the correct bin (even on birthday I could be seen upending bins in the dark). Now after having a short nap (I was only allowed about 5 hours sleep last night) I heard bins being moved. The blue recycled bin had been collected today. It was now placed out once again but with all the garden and food rubbish in it from the green bin (which although not to be collected for another week was full). Any good ideas very welcome?


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Nov 1, 2016
I had the same problem with mum and sometimes her bins were not emptied because she has mixed up the contents.

I arranged with the council for all the recycling bins to be collected and swapped for a larger size household bin. I just told mum that the council had changed the policy for people aged over 85 who do not have much rubbish! Mum was happy with that love lie, it's one I used quite a lot to make changes around the house.