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Recording CHC/MDT assessment meetings

Feb 23, 2020
The NHS state recording healthcare meetings is a form of personal note-taking. Although professionals have to ask for permission to record us, we do not have to seek their permission - simply inform the MDT you are going to do so. NHS staff know this.
If the Social Worker objects and request a legal document as to the use of the recording (being non-NHS employed) remind them that they are carrying out a public function and ask what law or provision are they referring to, precisely, in saying recording needs to be set out in ‘a legal document’.
After advising CHC assessment team I would be recording and being assured that if there were any objections I would be prior informed, I travelled over 300 miles to an assessment meeting for the Social Worker to ask for a legal document. What qualifications do I have to write a legal document on arrival? None.
Communication with solicitor after meeting provided the what law or provision are they referring to, precisely, in saying recording needs to be set out in ‘a legal document’.
I wished I had recorded the CHC/MDT meeting because the resulting Decision Support Tool redefines understating needs and overstating abilities.
I have instigated a complaint with the local authority regarding their social worker and, on receipt of the response, shall probably take the matter up with the Social Worker's regulating body.
Appeal is in motion - research, research, research
Feb 23, 2020
Karaoke Pete. Many thanks. Last year a DST was sent to my eldest brother who has very poor reading and writing skills. He was only able to say our mother had been declined. Over four months later the DST was sent to me - the contents was an example of contradictions and poor completion.... Redefining the meaning of words within the Oxford Dictionary. So! Appeal in to outsourced provider of CHC assessments who undertook the assessment in the first place AND compliant to the Nurse & Midwifery Council regarding the poor completion of health records ;)
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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
I know what you mean. When I got a copy of the last report on my wife from the Memory Clinic one element of the history was the direct opposite of what I has told them. In the first report a few year back they had recorded alcohol consumption as 400 units per week - should have been 4!

Some things may not matter but others may so it's always wise to be careful.
Feb 23, 2020
At times I need 400 units per week to cope with righting what I consider to be morally wrong! Attended my first assessment in January and it seems I warranted a Senior Nurse Assessor and CCG Clinical Lead after appealing the outcome of the last on behalf of my eldest brother. And even though I cannot pick the outcome of this assessment to pieces I am starting to make holes in it. This time I don't have a matter of weeks to submit an appeal - I have 5 months left to get it together ;)


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Feb 10, 2017
Understating needs and overstating abilities.....I need to remember and quote this . Exactly what happened to us at my mums CHC review it was awful how they twisted the conversation, this now makes so much more sense to me !!