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Recommended calorie intake


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Jan 22, 2016
I have lots of experience working with dementia and I am completely confident within my role. However, my grandma is in late stages of Alzheimer's and the family are in constant battle with my grandad with regards as to what is best for her. 6 months ago she was severely constipated, had several skin tears and had the beginnings of pressure sores to her calves caused by fluid retention. We started a high fibre diet, changed to full fat milk and supplement all meals. My grandma is a restless lady and even in her sleep she's trying to get out of bed so therefore burns a lot of energy.

Our latest fight with my grandad is that he says we over feed her and she's putting on weight. We have had all input possible from health care professionals but nobody gives us an exact detailed amount so we can show my grandad this is what is needed. The reason we took over dealing with her meals and care etc a year ago was that she dropped from a size 20 to a 14 in about 3 months.

Please can anyone give any firm evidence or links I can use to put to my grandad to justify why we need to keep up a high calorie and high fibre and protein diet.

Thanks in advance