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Discussion in 'Recently diagnosed and early stages of dementia' started by feet1st67, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. feet1st67

    feet1st67 Registered User

    Feb 11, 2016
    Hi I am new here and have no idea about this awful condition but learning as I go, can anyone help me or point me in the right direction please.
    My father-in-law as just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's (yesterday) and this has got so bad that today, he called the police.
    This has just started and gone from calling us in the night to wondering around outside at night to now this during the day.
    My sister-in-law had a call from the police today and was told what had happened, we are waiting for a appointment with the memory clinic because this is what he needs, apparently.
    Apart the GP I don't know who to turn to and who to ring as this can't go on like this.
    Please can anyone help us ......... Thank you in advance :(:(:(
  2. The Chewtor

    The Chewtor Registered User

    Feb 6, 2016
    Gillingham, Kent
    hey there feet1st, calm if you can. I am probably no help to you as a sufferer myself but can assure you that this is a good and right place. so many long term (suffering) carers are here and will gladly help with great advice so do not think you are alone nor on your own. my suggestion if you can call it that is go to the library and research what you can to get facts rather than some dangerous heresay. some of the story accounts are not only humerous but informative. they just need valuable time to read!!

    the help available does seem to be a bit post code lottery type but hopefully you are in a good area with a caring gp, social services, local council.

    keep monitoring here as many will dive in over the next 24 hours and help you.

  3. feet1st67

    feet1st67 Registered User

    Feb 11, 2016
    Thank you

    Thank you Wayne your right calm is needed, I will research as much as I can, we will also speak to the doctor tomorrow to and see what else we can do, I will certainly use this blog for support and advice, it seems very informative.
    I can see that we are not alone ..... Thank you :)
  4. fizzie

    fizzie Registered User

    Jul 20, 2011
    Hi there
    If the confusion has come on suddenly then I would ask the GP to test for a Urinary tract infection - they have a massive impact on the state of confusion.

    I am also going to post below some general ideas which may help you to get started.

    You can phone Social Services Adult Care Duty Desk and ask for an assessment if there have been no recommendations from the Unit - services like carers visiting to help with the daily routine/personal care or day care that should be an option - a day centre where they have lunch and activities. As well as our social services centre we also have Crossroads Day Centre where people can go for up to 3 days

    It is worth googling Dementia activities + your area to see what is going on. There is probably a fair bit but you need to search for it. Some care homes also do 'day care' which can be useful but I would try the day centres first

    This leaflet on compassionate communication is very useful - I found it very hard to master but I stuck it on my fridge to remind me every day and it really does work

    Do have a look at it

    You can also ask for a carers assessment - this will give you a break and give you some 'free' hours of help possibly. it might seem early days to be thinking of a 'break' but a few hours here and there is a good idea from as early on as you can.

    If you are not already getting it do apply for Attendance Allowance - the forms are a bit tricky in that you have to imagine the worst possible day and write down the help that is needed (not the help that they get at the moment but what would be ideal for what they NEED). Attendance Allowance is not means tested and you should get it, if you need some help with the forms come back and ask Age UK are really good at helping with assessing what benefits you can claim and then they also help you fill in the forms - someone will come to your house. Age UK are also very good at practical advice and help - Age UK Advice line free national advice line that is open 365 days a year. To talk to someone, just call 0800 169 2081. This is even more important now as they may be stopping it for new cases soon so its worth getting onto it right away if you can

    I would strongly advise you to join your local carers organisation - they usually have a carers cafe (and so do Alzheimers society in some areas) and it is worth a morning off to go and find out what help there is in your area over a cup of coffee - lots of friendship and support face to face and everyone in the same boat.

    If there are issues with incontinence all areas have a continence service - you will need to look up your Trust or google your area plus Continence Service. The continence nurses we have had have been wonderful and pads are supplied free by the NHS.

    The Dementia helpline is a useful number to have

    Alzheimer's Society National Dementia Helpline 0300 222 1122 can provide information, support, guidance and signposting to other appropriate organisations.

    The Helpline is usually open from:
    9am - 8pm Monday to Wednesday
    9am - 5pm on Thursday and Friday
    10am - 4pm on Saturday and Sunday

    hope some of this is useful
  5. Kevinl

    Kevinl Registered User

    Aug 24, 2013
    Hi Feet, welcome to TP
    To be honest the best help available is on here and from your local AZ society or
    AGE UK (or possibly one of the many local AZ cafes or centres if you're lucky enough to have one near you). GP's can be a blessing or they can be a nightmare, many often refer to the "help available" without having any real knowledge that there's often very little available, likewise the memory clinic, useful to get a diagnosis but other than that very little in the way of practical help.
    To be fair to the medical profession once someone has been diagnosed with AZ in many ways it ceases to be a medical problem and very much becomes a social problem, other than prescribing Donepezil (or similar) then there's nothing else for the medical profession to do.
    I would suggest you contact social services and get them to do an assessment, they have to do this particularly if you use the phrase "vulnerable adult" and quote the incident involving the police.

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