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Recent Diagnosis


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Nov 30, 2020
A family member has just been diagnosed with mixed dementia. She is able to converse well and phones me, recognises everyone. There is a suggestion she will be given Aricept, and is so worried it will make her ‘gag gag’ and not in control of her faculties. Why should she commence medication? What are the implications if she declines it? Thanking you for your responses.

Up the Creek

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Sep 9, 2020
East Anglia
Welcome to Talking Point @Mobo this forum is full of people who have gone though and are going through similar situations.

Sorry to hear you have a family member recently diagnosed. My mum was diagnosed with mixed dementia earlier this year and straight away she was put on Memantine. The key features that she is displaying are TV and magazine friends and at the point she was diagnosed she saw children playing in our garden and bungalow. Since starting on the Memantine she no longer sees the children.

I have no experience of Aricept but I am sure someone will be along soon to tell you of their experience. Maybe something linked to the reason for the referral to the Memory Clinic has triggered that particular medication which your family member has been described


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Mar 25, 2016
Hello @Mobo welcome from me too. Aricept (also known as Donepezil) can be effective at controlling the symptoms of dementia. Like all medication it will not slow the progression of the disease, but my Mum was on it for 4 years and it certainly seemed to help her stay independent for longer. As with any medication, it is a case of 'trial and error' and some people will tolerate it well, others may experience side effects, and others may be OK on a lower dosage but not so good on a higher dose. You may find this factsheet helpful as it explains the various dementia medications available and the potential benefits: