Recent Death of Mum


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Feb 13, 2004
This is my first time on the website. My Mum died on Tuesday 3 February having suffered Alzheimers for about ten years. I cared for her for the last six years following the death of my Dad. I'm feeling so lost, emptyand lonely right now. Such a big part of my life has suddenly gone. Mum was in a Nursing Home when she died and was being well cared for and I was with her right up to the end. I would dearly love to talk to somebody who is going through, or has been through, something similar. I keep trying to tell myself that Mum has no more suffering but I miss her so much. This must be the most awful disease because you grieve twice, once for the person you see gradually slipping away during their life and again when they finally go. I look forward to hearing from anybody.


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Feb 9, 2004
North Lincolnshire
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Your message shows how deeply you love her. I don't no what your going through, as my mum is still with us. She's had A.D now for about 10years now.
But i just had to pass on my sympathy to you.

My thoughts are with you.



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Feb 6, 2004

My sympathies are with you, I know the feeling of loosing your mum, my mum died some time ago and ond it so awful. My mum did not have AD, but my husband has early onset and I know exactly what you mean that you grieve twice with this illness because although Jim is still at home with me I already grieve for the person he used to be and no longer is.
Hope my few words help just a little. Carole


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Jun 27, 2003

My mother died 5th Feb this year, she had been diagnosed with vascular dementia & feel such an ache - it's the only way I can describe it. I don't live in England, but had been over to visit her in January and rang her twice a week for years. I'm hoping that as time goes by I'll focus more on the good times instead of mum's actual death.