Recent Alzheimer's diagnosis


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Jan 25, 2020
Hello, I'm looking for a bit of advice. My mum had a knee replacement 3 years ago. Before the op she would play golf 2-3 a week, go out walking, socialise etc. Since then she has not been motivated to do anything, she just stays in bed till late morning and then just sits and reads or does sudokus, EVERY day! I've been encouraging her to try new things (get her brain going) i.e. join a choir (she already knows people that are in it) or our local walking group, but she is not interested it's like she is the opposite of herself. I strongly believe she has depression (not diagnosed), I've tried to get her to go to the doctors but she says she doesn't feel depressed.
To top all that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in July 2019. Her short term/recall memory is very hazy now. I'm just worried that if she doesn't get help with her depression (which i know can go hand in hand with a dementia diagnosis) in the not too distant future she will decline quicker as she has nothing to motivate herself with.
My dad doesn't help matters, he's a Mr Fix-it man and if he can't fix something he doesn't want to know. He'll take mum to her appointments etc but won't encourage or help her to get motivated. It's like he doesn't want to find a solution to help her. He's very old school in that he'll bottle everything up and not talk about things, so he is not easy to talk to about this sort of thing.

I'm sorry for the long spiel, I'm just after a bit of advice really on how I can either coax mum to go to the GP (I don't want to drag her their kicking and screaming) or help her get her motivation back. I hope someone can help.


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Oct 5, 2013
Hi Jess, my husband, not long after diagnosis gave up golf, just like that! Nothing would make him play again. Maybe it’s just a dementia ‘thing’!


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Feb 27, 2015
Welcome to DTP @JessBG
I think lack of motivation is very common with dementia. Please keep posting as you’ll get lots of support here.


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Aug 12, 2018
Hi. My Husband was told in May 2018 he had early on set demention. His motivation is very bad.He use to be very sporty playing and watching.But all he seams to do these days is sit in chair with the radio or TV on.It is so difficult to get him to do any thing even use the new walk in shower we have had done for him.People keep saying get him to a club or get him to do this and that.But I cannot just pick him up and take him anywhere he don't want to go, Any surgestion would be great.


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Apr 6, 2011
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In addition to lack of motivation in my wife's case there was a lack of confidence to do anything.

It was explained to me as an inability to think ahead, don't start something unless you know what comes next, all experience had gone, everything was new and frightening.


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Nov 6, 2008
Hello @JessBG and a warm welcome from me also to DTP
Could you persuade your Mum it was just a well woman check up and write a brief summary of your worries for the GP to read before talking to your Mum?
Now you have found the forum I hope you will continue to post for further support