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Received letter from research team to test new drug for Mum


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Sep 13, 2012
Our local hospital group are doing some clinical trials on a new drug for hullucinations in AD sufferers. The recipients will either get the drug or a placebo and they would do blood and urine tests weekly for 12 weeks. However the drug isn't licensed yet and they would have to take Mum off her medications she is taking at the moment. I would have agreed but as Mums mood and appetite are now greatly improved and I didn't want to jeopardise her progress. I wrote a letter declining Mum to take part but wished them well, but that I would have preferred this money to go towards finding a cure rather than a drug to try and surpress part of the symptoms of this terrible disease which inevitably can't be halted towards the end of its awful journey.
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Jan 30, 2009
I think I would have done the same as you. Your poor mum has had enough suffering so to disrupt things now when she is comfortable would be rather harsh.


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May 21, 2014
We have just been invited for a drug trial where he'd have to undergo tests 31 times in the next three years. Apart from the fact that they seem to think his Alzheimer's is still mild, are they kidding me? No way would I subject him to that much hassle.


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Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon
Sue, I really think that you have made the right decision. Your Mum is now settled and I think the routine must be good for her-no need to upset the apple cart. I also agree with you about the funding going towards research to find a cure.


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