Really Need Some Advice !!!!!!


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Mar 27, 2006
Can anyone shed some light on this as you all know mum is in care with what i can still only assume is Alzhiemers. As we have still had no clear answers. But yesterday Mum had what my sister described as an epilectic fit for about three minutes. Can the disease cause this as mum has never had a fit in her life. To be honest its totally messed with my head im so worried. Can anyone Help ??????



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Jan 31, 2004
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Jan never had fits either, but now has what they term 'petit mal' every so often, which is a form of epileptic fit.

As the brain is affected by the dementia, it seems fits do become part of the problem.

Sorry to hear your Mum has started them. The nursing care people have medications they can give at the onset of a fit to stop it, or at least reduce the scale.


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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
hi mark

sorry to hear mum is having more difficulties. if you're feeling very in the dark about things it might be an idea to fix a time when you and your sister can talk to one of the senior staff at the home mum is in .... just to find out a bit more about what's happening with mum.

best wishes



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Jun 27, 2006
Hi there

My mother, who has had several strokes, had a major grand mal incident in August (rigid, stopped breathing, out cold for almost an hour) Fortunately she was talking to a carer at the time, so she was rushed to hospital. Nobody had mentioned this as a possibility so when the dust had settled I did some research on my own. Apparently, seizures are quite common when there has been some level of brain damage which is now healing. She is now on anti-seizure meds, with, touch wood, no futher incidents. Since you haven't had a firm diagnosis of exactly what caused the dementia, it is possible that she is suffering from mixed dementia (i.e. AD and vascular) The TIA's that contribute to vascular dementia may not be large enought to show up on the scan, but they still cause damage. Anyway, my point is, that distressing as it may be to see, it doesn't necessarily mean that she moving into a further decline. As a side bar, I was astonished to read that the elderly make up a far higher percentage of people diagnosed with epilepsy than young people - I had always assumed this was something that happened to the young.



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Aug 3, 2006
Thanks to both Jennifer and Bruce. My wife had three fits/seizures this year. The first one in April when she had to be rushed to A&E and resuscitated. After two days I asked to have her returned home. She was wearing a hospital gown which they didn't want back, her clothing which had been cut off was in a bag.
About a month later a letter address to her requesting she report to the hospital for an X-ray and to bring the letter with her, she can't speak or move! When I explained her condition I was told to forget about it.
Early Sep was her second fit. This time I insisted on being present with her at all times. This proved to be of benefit to both the attending lady Doctor and I. She explained it was common in Alz patients as a pulse in the brain sets it off. In turn I explained my observations as a lone carer over almost four years in her present condition. Thanking her for being so helpful, she replied "No, thank you for your info on Alz" and asked if I wished my wife to remain in hospital. Of course I had her back four hrs later. Once again there was no follow up, nothing.
Last month the third fit, same action, once recovered had her home. However I insisted on seeing a GP wanting to know what I should do next time, and wished to understand what was happening as I was her lone carer.
Last week a letter arrived, again address to Jean, advising her she has an appointment at the hospital for an EEG at 10.15, to ring to confirm the appt. She is also asked to complete a consent form for a video to be taken and to present the letter & form when she attends.
Please God at last I'll better understand these seizures and able to manage them, also be rid of my fears, as fear is the unknown.
Must dash, how time flys when your having fun. Good luck to you all and have a merry Christmas. God bless. Padraig