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Mar 12, 2018
I would definitely order online. Amazon does do secondhand books in good nick, so you don't have to spend too much if it doesn't work out. Maybe Roald Dahl? James and the Giant Peach or something like that? Quite a lot of silliness there. A children's poetry anthology?
On a different topic, I bought Mummy a DVD compliation of "slapstick" like Buster Keaton, to show on the home's telly as Mummy loves her jokes and enjoys "pratfall" comedy now, so that might also be an option.
I wouldn't worry too much about buying children's books - lots of people do these days, at all ages. I can see where you are coming form but I would be surprised if anyone had a problem.


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Mar 12, 2018
It depends on where you're mum is at.

I was going to suggest libraries - ask at the counter and they might be helpful, they get older men getting books out for grandchildren

I've noticed my son still has horrible science on his shelf so might try that and also horrible histories, I know my mum would have found these really funny once. They are a boy fart level of joke.

My mum always liked gardening so I was thinking a book about gardening for her.

You can preview books on Amazon - just have a look
Or even a gardening magazine with lots of pictures. I was surprised that Mummy likes recipe magazines, even though most of the text is too small for her to read. I think she likes the pictures of food....


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Oct 31, 2017
Thank you this has been really helpful. My mum was a librarian and big reader but I have struggled to engage her in books and magazines recently. I will try some of these tips


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Mar 12, 2018
Glad I started the thread and glad it is of interest to others. I find Mummy varies a lot from day to day so you have to be flexible and try different things.
Poetry is often good as it is short and doesn't need much concentration.


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May 25, 2016
channel islands
I'm not sure my MIL has any comprehension now of being able to read - I bought her usual TV Choice and she gave it back to me in 5 minutes saying that she had read it - I mentioned that it was for the TV and whats on for this week - she looked at me with "the look" as if to say I'm not stupid and said what do I need that for - I can see whats on!


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May 17, 2017
I too find my Mum enjoys me reading to her. As she has macular degeneration her vision is limited so struggles to read and whilst I am not sure how much she follows the story line she often appears relaxed and listening to me. She has phases where she becomes very agitated, repeating the same non sensical words over and over. If I persist with reading over her chanting then in the majority of times she does calm down. When she is on a good phase I have found pictoral books of the area where we live,where she used to live and places she used to visit have really grabbed her interest. We spent a lovely hour last week talking through the pictures and any memories it triggered. Considering she is in late stage dementia these brief 'good' periods are an immense uplift for me.

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