Re Does Any Thing Ever Go Right


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Apr 26, 2006
NO of course not you will have felt the same at times
we have a small caravan in Stratford hubbys retreat peace wildlife everything he loves had a posh house posh caravan in yorshire static cos he could not drive any more
we started of like you all with very little and i dont care about material things
but everything we have to give up or change only shows me how much i am loosing him went to caravan for new year hubby was really looking forward to it
the rest you would not beleive site flooded had to get off
How did i do it told 1 hour to go got our doggy with us who has heart problems
we managed to get hotel that would take dogs ---awful night
went back today huby wanted to stay but water was getting higher site was clossed i sorted everthing out ---drained downetc etc
drove us home i dont know how hubby wantsto drive he cant
but i need to get my head in to gear with posative things
hubbybel will love this Elvis has left the building