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Re Does Any Thing Ever Go Right


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Apr 26, 2006
Thanks to all for your suggestions and support
I had a very bad day yesterday re receiving court summons on loft not much better today hubby and i had first real row in years it just gets a bit too much at times i did not let it drag on as he i know feels bad he can not be of more help bless him he said LEAVE IT TO ME I WILL DEAL WITH IT that woke me up i thought pull your self together or you are going to make him worse
So as the day has wore on i am trying to get my posative head on and being supported by TP members really helps
To answer a few of your comments and keep you all in the picture
Norman i will phone AD help line hubby is 59 i am 54
Dmc i have contacted CAB NO GOOD
Helena no chance to sue builder one word against another no wittness to what he said could take years cost a fortune and still not win
I dont know whether i said we found out after it was built this was the first loft he had ever built
We can not get legal aid in this situation
Helen i have had 18 months of talking to council cab cant do any more
but you were right i have made a few phone calls today
re told you dont need a shower unless you have a sever skin condition
when we appealed against enforcement order i contacted a lovely lady in the know who did it voluntarily much like CAB she made inquiries and came back and told me she said i can not beleive it in this day and age it is not in writting but what you have said makes sence she would know who said that ----will follow through

On a more posative not i have made a few enquirie today
there is nothing i can do to over turn the letter of the law as i know the only last stand which i did not want to go down i am tired is PLEAD WITH PUBLIC SYMPHTY
so if any one has any any ideas please post

being silly my daughter is a hair stylist i am going to ask her do do my roots before i hit the media


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Bel,
Pleased that you sound a little more positive tonight.
Get those roots done - it'll make you feel so much better!
Love Helen