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Rather an odd day


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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
Today is Mum & Dads 54th wedding anniversary and also Mums Aunts birthday, who was 85yrs.

If you didn't tell Mum, she would not even know.
So she was most excited to get an Anniversary card from me, DH & kids but could not fathom she had been married 54yrs.
" How is it 54? You only get cards when you've been married 50. Have we been married 50yrs? I think you have the date wrong"
and then she tells me I had better not tell the kids because they might get confused.
What kids I ask. She says I don't know.

So I take Mum to see her Aunt, who is almost housebound but mentally sharp as a tack. Her husband died 15yrs ago, and she lives alone.
She can gradually see the decline in Mum each time I take her to visit, and Mums weekly phone calls are no longer. Mums Aunt always rings her.

After having morning tea and a chat, nothing too much out of the usual because they talk about long ago which Mum usually doesn't have too hard a time remembering :) we went to leave.
As soon as we got in the car its as though Mum switches.

" She's nice... I believe she is my Mums sister? Does she live alone? Does John know. ( Great Aunts late husband)
Oh thats right Uncle John died. My Mum died when she was 50 ( was 58) how come her sister lived to 85yrs. ( and then Mum laughs)
I asked her why she was laughing. She says because she can't believe it.

Believe what I say? Your Aunt turning 85?

No she says I can't believe your dads nearly 80. (which he is)

I can't believe the day :eek: Mums fascination and confusion with days, dates, ages, numbers and who is dead or alive.