Rare form of AD


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Dec 28, 2006
Help!! My dad's been prescribed as having a rare visual form of AD, called posterior cortical atrophy. Not much is known about it so we're kind of in the dark as to what's really going on and how to understand it. Does anybody know anything about it or had any experience of it at all? Any kind of information would be hugely appreciated!


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May 24, 2006
I thought cortical atrophy was linked to Vascular Dementia and High Blood pressure

Certainly thats what the doctors told me just weeks ago when the results of Mothers CT scan were discussed

Her hearing was the most severly affected not her sight but the problem is much the same i believe
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Jun 27, 2006
Hi Lilian, and welcome to TP.

Have you done a google search? There seems to be a fair amount of information out there, although much of it is technically inclined. Here are a couple of links


It seems that the memory is less affected in this variant of AD, but the effect on the visual field makes spatial awareness much worse, with all the possible dangers that implies. One report I read indicate that while people may still remember where they live, for example, they may have no ability to visually identify their home.

I'm so sorry you have to be here, but it's a wonderful source of support.