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Radio 4 Womans Hour January 2008


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Mar 21, 2003
Just a reminder that womans hour is running a series of discussions on care related issues. Listed on this page:


For example:

Thursday 10 January - Care Homes
(Woman's Hour)
Dorothy Tutin’s daughter Amanda Waring sold her flat to raise funds to make a film based on how her mother was treated in hospital. Now she is making a follow up looking at care homes. We discuss the issues raised by the film.
Monday 14th January - Dementia: Is it getting the priority it deserves?
(Woman's Hour)
With 700,000 people in the UK diagnosed with the condition, two thirds of whom live at home, is dementia is getting the priority it deserves?

Monday 14 January - Care Calculator
(You and Yours)
Launch of the You and Yours 'Care Calculator' , a groundbreaking development with the London School of Economics. And check out our 'zoom in map' - for social care contacts in your area.

Tuesday 15 January – Who cares?
(Your and Yours)
Call You and Yours: Who cares, who pays? Have your say on the future of Care in the UK. Guests include Dame Denise Platt from Commission for Social Care Inspection, Julia Unwin from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Imelda Redmond from Carers UK.
Call 0800 044 044 or email us now.

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