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Radio 4 interview this morning


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Aug 21, 2015
Hello, this morning I caught the tale end of an interview about new dementia knowledge resulting from recent research. It was on radio 4 about 10 to 8. Can anybody summarise please?


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Feb 17, 2006
What she says could have read it on this site .

So I don't point in a "A Revolution for Dementia Treatment! "

It's al about if she got Dementia

Sue J

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Dec 9, 2009
I don't really know how they can say the number are levelling off when there are many that remain undiagnosed.:confused:

The article about living a healthier lifestyle certainly doesn't make me feel any better. Many days I'd love to go out for a walk but am unable to even do that let alone ride a bike. Everyone knows exercise is good for you, don't they? I was a fully active person before my symptoms hit.

Maybe I'm reading the wrong article?