Jennie Leech

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Feb 3, 2004
Any information on the use this drug to alleviate agression in patients in final stages?
Ken has become agressive when carers try to give him personal care to such an extent that he hits out, punches and bites. They therefore have to stand back and he is failing to be well looked after.
A low dose of Quetiapine has been suggested to `take the edge off the aggression` and allow pc to be given.
Any thoughts?


Dear Jennie
I may be teaching me granny to suck eggs, here, but I read somewhere that Quetiapine is 'mildly' soluble in water - I'm thinking along the lines of administering it disguised in food or drinks. When you say 'personal' care does that include helping Ken eat? When Mum wouldn't take her drugs in hospital, very hostile, I suggested they disguise them in food. Jelly was a good choice. And it worked for us.
Best wishes


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Jul 4, 2004

My mother in law has been prescribed this drug. She is now on 1 in the morning and 2 at night, I would not say she is any less aggressive than she was before. It also seems to have made her less scared which can be a pain as she would not leave my side before but now will take off if things are not going her way. It does make them very drowsy within half hour of taking so this may help to give personal care whilst in drowsy state.