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Question ABout Time and getting lost


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Jan 26, 2016
IFor those of you who reached the point of occasionally getting lost out walking or driving, how long has this gone one while you've still been able to either live alone (withorwithout help) or be left at home alone by spouse for hours or even a day or so? I'm trying to get idea of roughly range of time this stage of Alz might last. Any help with be appreciated.

The Chewtor

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Feb 6, 2016
Gillingham, Kent
Lost. NO. Just in the wrong place

Hi Bill, I cannot really be any help as only just beginning my own journey but Friday just gone was the first time I found myself at the wrong place and did not really know what to do. I have been very slowly going down hill for the last 7 years but it is noticeably getting faster over last 6 months. not been lost yet but just wanted to let you know have read your post and am now more aware of the potential problem so thanks



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Jun 27, 2012
My mother used to get lost while driving for more than 10 years. Then she stopped driving. I remember she showing me her city map and how she used it when lost.


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Apr 26, 2014
Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Hi Bill
I have mixed vascular dementia and Alzheimer's. I was diagnosed with vascular dementia about 2 years ago. Going blank and not knowing where I am was one of the first symptoms. I still get this. About every 2 weeks I have to show some kind person my medi tag who calls my wife.
Sorry this isn't more hopeful John