Quality of 'life', feeding and personal beliefs

Discussion in 'ARCHIVE FORUM: Support discussions' started by pernicketywitch, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. jenniferpa

    jenniferpa Volunteer Moderator

    Jun 27, 2006
    As you have to say what you feel, Maggie, I have to say what I feel: and that is that for those who choose to, there should be a system in place that does not force us to stay alive for the sake of it. It shouldn't be a forced decision, but frankly, I fear death a lot less than some of the alternatives.

    Anyway, I don't think anyone is saying that an animals life is more valuable than a humans, but that kindness comes in all sort of forms: holding on to someone for our own benefit because we fear the loss does not seem kind to me.

  2. soulsmilin

    soulsmilin Registered User

    Feb 13, 2007
    Tyne and wear
    sorry to hear of your situation,

    heres something from an earlier thread, hope it helps:

    Just a couple of points, peg feeds while at times can prolong life by ensuring adequate nutrition they can also be life enhancing, if your family member did not have enough nutrition you might well see a developement in more confusion from dehydration and increased risk of developing bed sores that can become easily infected and very painfull, due to lack of nutrition, delayed wound healing, and decreased respiritory and cardiac funtion.

    If family member was not already on a peg then this well could take time to organise and they may not recieve feeding for a few days, as your family member is already on a program, It may be hard to change this, medical staff have to follow what is in the patients best intreast, you may find that by talking to the staff, she is being maintained on enough nutritional intake to maintain that her body is not deteriorating rapidly in the formentioned ways, and it may be worth taking to them inregards any extreme messures. please please talk to the staff, I would think that you both and they would want a dignified end of life for your loved one,

    my thoughts are with you at this most difficult of times


    sorry cant paste the link but just put in peg feed into search and it should come up
  3. Lila13

    Lila13 Registered User

    Feb 24, 2006
    You own your dog, you can buy it and sell it, you don't own your mother.
  4. DeborahBlythe

    DeborahBlythe Registered User

    Dec 1, 2006
    Margarita, thanks for the lovely pics. Strangely, you look very much as I thought you might, but your mum looks much younger! Lovely to see you both. I wasn't trying to undermine your commitment to your mum, just trying to be clear about what thoughts had influenced you. Now I am clear, and I agree with you!
  5. MillyP

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    Jan 5, 2007

    My sentiments exactly....why should any human being be kept alive just because a law says so. My Dad is at the stage now where he rarely recognises anyone or the house he lives in...in my eyes, my Dad died two years ago when he started talking rubbish...I want to remember my Dad as the caring, loving, gentle person he always was, not the anxious, paranoid, aggressive soul he is now...my Dad always hated violence and if he could see what he was doing now, he would be extremely upset...to constantly see him sitting in his coat and shoes waiting to be taken home when he is home, is devastating....he wanders around looking in cupboards and has now taken to phoning relatives abroad to ask questions because he doesn't believe any of us, even his own wife...he is never going to get better, so why make his life a living hell...sorry but if he died in his sleep tonight, I wouldn't be upset...I'm more upset that he has to go through this everyday.
  6. Margarita

    Margarita Registered User

    Feb 17, 2006
    Deborah Blythe

    Oh no never thought you was , I did not perceive it like that , just wanted you to understand where I was coming from xx

    The photo I put on this morning was meant for the happy birthday of TP, as I was wondering how pernicketywitch put that photo of her dog with out having to make it small, also was going to add a happy birthday sigh and butterfly gif , and an angel that someone made for me , but my laptop crash , that shut me up lol.

    Then a man came around to show my daughter how to use her technical equipment for her studying at university as she has epilepsy, one item was as a small electrical dairy that is a very small version of a laptop

    that reminds her of things & can log on to any wireless internet , then of course I said that would be good for someone with dementia, but the man said that the person would have had of know how to use it before dementia as they find it hard to learn new things . So got engross with all the equipment, that I did not go in to the happy birthday string, when I did it was all to late .

    One day someone will Invent a forum that you can talk into instead of typing so save it like a post and all you have to do is click on it to hear it, another click to record your response , or post if you did not want to record , what a great technical assistant that would be , so we would not get are wires cross when typing , oh well it would help me :)

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