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putting things down the toilet


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Dec 3, 2012
Does anyone have any idea how to stop my mum from blocking the ttoilet as she keeps putting either her pads down it or too much toilet paper? It's never her who's flooding the bathroom. The ceiling is going to fall through soon.


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Nov 13, 2014
South of England
I assume she does not understand why she should not. Perhaps she is trying to 'get rid' of all the 'bad stuff'. All I can think of is to try a large cheerful bin, with plastic bag lining, for all the stuff, and see if she can be persuaded to treat it as her 'very special bin for all the nasty dirty things.' You could make it smell nice, using those dustbin deodorisers.

Good luck, whatever you try. Xx


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Jul 20, 2011
My Ma used to chuck pads down the toilet - we never did find a cure - we just took as many precautions as poss including monitoring the bathroom immediately after to retrieve the pad - she used to get really mad because in her mind, quite rightly, we were invading her personal space - even if we were careful = so beware of fireworks lolol
gl but the bin sounds a great idea to try


Registered User
May 18, 2014
Don't know about the pads, but my loo paper answer was to buy 2-ply recycled, cheaper product, it seems to break down quicker than the really expensive luxury stuff. Have an idea about the pads, does your mother think they are sanitary towels? could you try a swing bin right in front of loo with a big sign stuck to it saying for sanitary towels only.

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