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Putting It In Writing...


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Jul 3, 2010
Over the past months, as my dear wife Brenda deteriorated and finally left us, I have expressed my thoughts and feelings in writing and placing a few of them on Talking Point. It has been truly touching to receive so many kind words in response. If anybody would like to read more of the pieces, they are all on a Facebook page, mainly because it allowed friends and others in similar positions of caring but who are not members of Talking Point, to read them and the response has, too, been lovely. If anybody wants to read them or pass them onto others they know who might be interested, I have placed a link below. Feel free to share as you wish. They should be public ie you don't need to subscribe to Facebook to read them. However, I do need to say that they are written from my viewpoint as a Christian. I understand completely if you do not agree or even understand that, but I would ask that you respect my stance. Thanks and I hope they help in some small way. Laurence


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