Public 2nd strike warning


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Jan 31, 2004
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Hi everyone

I have held off until now in making a formal response to recent posts by one of our members, janishere.

I had hoped for this member to have the ability to self moderate, because it has been clear that many other members have been distressed by thread hijacking and general soapboxing. TP is not the appropriate place for that, and complaints have been registered with the moderators.

I said when I started this job that I wanted things to be as public as possible, so this is public notice of a second strike warning I have just sent by PM to janishere.

This is the content of the PM I have sent:

Dear janishere,

The thread into which you have recently posted a number of times has been diverted totally from being one that seriously attempted to discuss issues relating to the operation of an EPA, to one that takes up the energies of many people - presumably yourself included - to no benefit.

now you seek to disrupt things further.

Talking Point is at its best when being used as a means of helping those with dementia, and those who care for them - not as a vehicle for making pseudo-political statements at great length, nor for making personal comments about those posting.

It seems you have the need to expound your feelings at great length, and if so, then Tea Room is the place to do it, not in serious threads in other areas.

Please continue to post elsewhere as and when you have something of value to add to the conversations, but for the sake of all members of Talking Point, please only do that. Talking Point is not a soapbox for the unhappy folk; it is not Hyde Park Corner.

People have the right to express themselves of course, but Talking Point is not a platform for distressed people to rail immoderately.

The first time you were banned was a count of 1 against a maximum of 3 counts before permanent banning.

This PM - which in the interests of democracy I am also posting publicly - represents count no 2.

Please will you attempt to compose yourself before posting, and discontinue attempts to discredit other members of the forum.

Count no 3 would be a PM sent privately and publicly, with the ban taking immediate effect.

Thank you
AS moderator

This relates to multiple presences on TP, by the way.
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Feb 26, 2006
Thank you Brucie a timely intervention.

We are not stupid, we can distinguish between postings that veer of thread and those that do so deliberately. I believe that the vast majority of postings are sincerely meant to help and are welcomed, we do not always get it right but our hearts are in the right place.

I cannot imagine that anyone in authority would see us as a threat to national security and worthy of a dirty tricks campaign.

Once again Brucie, thanks.