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Jul 7, 2006
Edinburgh, Scotland
We've been studying theories of forgetting in Psychology recently and we started to watch the documentries about Clive, the man with the 7 second memory.

So okay, my gran's dementia condition is pretty bad, but not as bad as his problems but it got me really emotional in class.

I thought someone was using the word 'alzheimers' jokingly in Modern Studies and I lashed out at them, when they never said anything.

I ended up getting tipex in my hair and all over my senoir tie.. but yeah.. lets not talk about that.

Still, I keep getting really emotional about it and I think my mum is going to visit my gran this weekend. I'm not sure.

This is terrible, I always took my gran for granted and now I understand her and we like the same things. If she was, 'conscious' then I could talk to her for hours about Frank Sinatra and sing with her.

She always sang songs to me and she never gets to know that singing is my passion, espcially swing music which she loved.

Anyways, yeah..


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Sep 22, 2006
Hi randomstudent.

sorry to hear about your gran, and i understand its upsetting but you say "if she was concious" she may not be able to communicate if a way you wished she could but why not talk to her anyway, talk about frank sinatra and sing to her. Iam sure she will hear you. Get a private moment with her and just talk to her. I hope this helps a little.



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Aug 9, 2005
Lila13 said:
Hope you can visit and sing her some of her favourite songs.


Do you know, Random Student, that you will benefit from this as much as she will (IMHO)??!! This AD disease is so very hard on all of us, but particularly on the young who may not have experienced such hardships previously. I can't say it gets easier, but perhaps it is less confronting (in a way) for those of us who have previously experienced tragedy in our lives.

I encourage you to do as Lila and Kathy have suggested - visit your Gran and talk to her (and sing to her) even if she doesn't understand and doesn't know you. I'm sure at some level our AD folk feel the love that is sent out to them in this way. Also, I mean it when I say you will benefit as much as she does. You will learn something deep about yourself - about your willingness to give of yourself even when the other person can't show appreciation; about the true beauty of the human spirit (not just the beauty of youth and health) and about the loving connection of being part of a family. IMHO you will be a better person for this.

I send you strength and caring to help you. Nell