pseudo obstruction


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Nov 6, 2006
My mum was diagnosed as having "Pseudo Obstruction"...Please can anyone tell me more about it and measures in preventing it as she lives in a residential home and we dont want it occuring again if it can be prevented...Is it mainly making sure mum drinks fluids and a good diet....Any information would be so useful ....

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Barmby, do you think the term`pseudo` meaning false, could indicate an obstruction caused by tension or rigidity, rather than a blockage?


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Jun 27, 2006
Finally a diagnosis! Unfortunately, I'm not sure it's going to do you much good. Did they give you any indication of possible causes? I know this can happen if you're on heavy duty opiates (that's why after you have an op., they are so insistent about "whether you've moved your bowels" to which the correct answer is: "yes, I've moved them to Cleveland") The 2 other reasons (excluding the genetic option) seem to be either 1) muscle tone, or 2) nerve problems. As far as I can tell from searching around this problem is only marginally treatable. Obviously, if you have food stuck in the gut for any period of time there's a chance of infection which should be treated with antibiotics, plus I would think that malnutrition is a possible side effect. What has the doctor actually said about possible treatment options? And how are they going to ensure that she remains nourished?