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Prompting Aids

Constant Prompter

New member
Sep 21, 2020
Am wondering what experiences anyone has had with using MemRable 2. Both good and bad please. If you could indicate the stage the user is at then that would be very helpful too
I'm having to prompt repeatedly during the day and am unsure how the aid will be received.


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello @Constant Prompter
a warm welcome to DTP

I haven't any experience with that particular item .... but can't help thinking that anything is worth trying in the early stages, later on, with my dad, any tech meant nothing to him or upset him as he didn't understand what it was doing or how to stop it, he needed the human reassurance

Constant Prompter

New member
Sep 21, 2020
Thanks Shedrech
I suspect we are too late, as per my Alzheimer's Advisers feelings, but are trying to delay having carers for as long as possble. Mum has always been technology resistant anyway and we're not sure how she'll react and whether it may stress her. Only wanted the device to supplement our calls not be instead of but just wanted to get some feed back from users before making a decision.


Registered User
Oct 21, 2019
I have got one.
As a day clock it is simply beautiful, nice size clear display, mum still uses it.
I have used the reminders but don’t bother now.
The reminders I used were ‘are the doors and windows closed’
Have you taken your medication.
your favourite tv programme is in five minutes!
They were permanent reminders.
I remember reading that one old lady who was resistant to taking her medication loved Sean connory. The family got someone to fake his voice for the reminder, and when he told her to take the tablets she always obeyed!
You get a picture flash up as well.
Criticism . Compared to her Alexa echo show it is more difficult to programme new reminders.
I have not regretted buying one.

My technology includes.
A YI camera. ( Best purchase ever ! ) really cheap on Amazon, you have to bite the bullet and get broadband installed .

call blocker on the landline.

A ring doorbell

A guard cam installed the front door.

A pivotel medication dispenser with tipper. (Brilliant)


That is all I can remember at the moment.
I haven’t regretted a single purchase!


Registered User
Oct 21, 2019
Have you seen @Grannie G compassionate communication?

I never consult on anything I purchase.
So with the memrabel2 I would say. They are so useful if you have a quick nap and wake up and want confirmation of if it is morning or afternoon.
Everyone has one these days!