Progress-thank you

sheila d

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Dec 8, 2007
Just to let those people know who kindly replied to my posting yesterday.

Afetr another difficult evening and morning, I did as you all suggested, made a fuss today and the on call doctor came out, and she was admitted to hospital this morning for tests. Having threatened to sue all the doctors for assault :eek:, refused any treatment etc, she finally took some sedative tablets and at 5pm, the staff got the blood samples etc that they need to start their investigations. She's had a chest xray as well and is in hospital overnight, which gives Dad at least one nights respite.

So thank you for the advice and at least now we have the problem acknowledged.


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Jun 27, 2006
She's feisty your Mum isn't she? :)

I'm glad things are moving along, Hopefully your father can get some rest (although I'm sure he's very worried as well).

Best wishes