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sue h

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Jan 2, 2004
Maidstone, Kent
Had a few moments to spare and thought I.d give an update on my Dad. We`ve had some really bad days with him (and Mum has had the nights to deal with, she's not getting an awful lot of sleep). This resulted in my Mum ringing the CPN again who came out to do another assessment. She is arranging for the psychiatrist to visit my Dad at home so we haven`t got the worry of getting him to the hospital.
He's still hallucinating which freaks me out especially when he says there's lots of people walking in the passageway of their house, (stupid I know but you find yourself looking as well). Mum said he often sees `a big bloke` standing in the bedroom at night. Cats and dogs seem to appear a lot as well.
One night he thought the bed was a car (he used to be a mechanic) and was looking at the wheels under the valance. He had one hand tight shut and said he had bolts in it and he didn`t want to lose them. Another time he said there was someone outside the bedroom door (Mum keeps the door locked at night). He put on his dressing gown, filled his pockets with his loose change, wallet, torch and put his socks on. He wouldn`t go back to bed until Mum opened the door to show that there wasn`t anyone there and only then would he go back to bed, still with his dressing gown on and bulging pockets!
The last few weeks my Dad has had several falls. He walks in such a strange way now - still with a shuffling gait but he leans forward and walks at an angle which makes him so unbalanced.Luckily he's so far escaped with only cuts and bruises. The CPN said she'd arrange for a physio to visit him at home to try to improve his walking. Is this a common symptom of AD? And how does this progress.
Any thoughts much appreciated!
Love to all


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Loved the bit about the wheels and the bed! You'll find it is good to try and capture the humour in this humourless situation!

The hallucinations often come with medication - what is he taking? My Mum often saw her mother at the end of her bed and talked to her. My Mum didn't have dementia but was on a variety of medications, and it was these [plus some sneaky Bailey's] that caused the hallucinations.

The walking. Well that varies according to person. There was one man at Jan's home who walked at a backwards angle of 50 degrees. How he stood up I have no idea, but the size of his shoes may have helped. Eventually of course, coordination went and he began to fall before he lost the ability to walk. Others lean to left or right, or are simply uncertain on their feet.

All part of the inevitable process. Jan only crawls now and that is going from her quite fast.

Please keep us up to date on developments. Good luck.

sue h

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Jan 2, 2004
Maidstone, Kent
Dear Bruce and Jenny,
Thanks for your replies. I was interested to read the link about Lewy body dementia - my Dad has yet to be properly diagnosed. The CPN and his GP have said it seems likely to be AD, the hallucinations and weird walking style are quite recent symptoms so perhaps they are due to some other form of dementia. I don't think its due to any medication as he's only on anti-depressants(which he has taken since the 1970's following a nervous breakdown), tablets to lower his cholesterol (he had a heart bypass 19 years ago) and painkillers for arthritus. Nothing new recently which might have affected him. No Baileys either! We keep him off alcohol as it seems to have an adverse effect!
I don't know how my Dad walks at that angle either Bruce. I've tried it and found it impossible, he's only got size 6 feet as well. Sometimes he speeds up and can't stop, a bit like falling downhill. Myself or Mum always keep a firm hold of his arm when we go out. Easy around Tesco's we give him the trolley to push!
I agree with you Bruce, you do have to see the funny side of things, I think it helps us to cope in an otherwise sad and heartbreaking situation.
Best Wishes

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