Problems with Serenace


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Oct 25, 2006
Some of you will be aware from my "won't wash" thread that Mum has had a bowel problem recently that has been causing a great deal of distress and has lead to incontinence of quite epic proportions. Well, she had just been prescribed Serenace and I looked up the side-effects and noticed that constipation was one of them. Although Mum has the opposite problem I suggested that Dad mentioned this to the doctor who agreed that it could be a contributory factor, so Mum has been taken off Serenace, which is a shame, because apart from the bowel issue it had made her a lot happier (I know these drugs are controversial). Mum is seeing the doctor again in a week's time, but in the meantime is coping. I just wondered if anyone else had this sort of a side-effect problem with Serenace?