problems of getting a diagnosis


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Oct 13, 2005
I have posted previous threads when my mum was admitted to an elderly disfunctional ward following an acute onset ofpsychosis although things had not been "right" for some time.Her ct scan showed vascular disease,evidence of a previous bleed and a lesion to her frontal lobe and atrophy-consistent with her age-81yrs.Despite this and large doses of anti-psychotic drugs no diagnosi has been made and home assessments were performed with a care package.As there was dispute during this period within the family regarding this versus long term residential care it as resulted in a very stressful 3mths.My mum has just had 1wks home leave which she failed on a grand scale despite the so called professionals thinking locking herself out of her flat approaching strangers and the inability to use her keys to let herself in,lack of self care and deterioration in her mental condition was nothing too severe!!!
Thank goodness our family are in agreement regarding the need for 24hr residential care now and tentative steps are now being made as my mum appears to have no insight into her problems.
I wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences and could give any advice.


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Marie, in my own opinion you and family will have to make difficult decisions even without formal diagnosis. It does not sound very safe for you dear mum to be as she is.

As to her insight into the situation, well a lot could depend on how she is both physically and mentally at any given time. As this fluctuates so does recognition of situations. Personally I think you are doing the most postitive thing in taking steps to make sure your dear mum is safe . Please let us know how things progress. Thinking of you, Connie

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