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Pride & prejudice


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Aug 17, 2014
Is it pride that keeps me going with this difficult daily routine looking after my lovely wife of 50 plus years when carers don't turn up and there is a thousand and one things to do.
I sometimes say why us???
Is it because I am proud the way my wife copes with this terrible illness.
Is it prejudice that stops family, friends and neighbours coming to offer help with everyday tasks without having to be asked.
Is it prejudice that makes most people in town avoid you when your wife is singing in the wheelchair as you are going around the shops.


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Mar 24, 2014
It might be the same as me, Del24. I was too bloody-minded to quit, even though I came "that close", many, many times.

Never forget that you are doing sterling work. Hard work. Other people might just get their turn. As always, we hope they don't. Who needs this kind of suffering? Certainly not our loved ones, or us. But, if it's thrown in our Life Path, then we learn to walk in it, hard as it may be.

Oh, and how lovely that your wife sings whilst in her wheelchair :) That really lifted my spirits, reading that.


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Jul 20, 2011
I love the picture of your wife singing as you shop!!! I live in hertfordshire too and if I see you I will stop and talk. I hope you have all the help that Hertfordshire has to offer - Carers Passports, carers assessments etc etc - I know it doesn't stop the hurt caused by family and friends but it sure as heck helps with that daily routine xxxxx